Ball Busting session

Empress Raquel Blog October 2019

Billy’s Ball Busting session

I told Billy to get naked and fold his clothes. In response to my pointed finger he set them on the chair by the dungeon door. Two days ago, he begged me for a ball-busting/foot worship session. I could see that he was visibly nervous, and a bead of sweat formed on his brow. I was dressed in one of my most intimidating outfits-all leather, silver buckles, bulging cleavage, dramatic makeup and big hair. I sat regally on my throne; long legs crossed. My patent leather boots had 5” heels. One heel was at eye level as he crawled over to me. I like it when they crawl. I could have put his mind at ease with a comforting word, but I prefer to watch him tremble. When he paused, I scolded him for looking directly at me and gave him the rules of being a submissive in my presence.

I rose and selected a heavy, leather neck collar with three silver rings and a set of wrist and ankles cuffs. I began to outfit him and take control. He shivered as my fingers touched his skin and I purposely let my long blonde hair sweep across his upper arm and shoulders. His erection told me that he was enjoying the process of being cuffed and collared.

While Billy was on his hands and knees, I ordered him to stick his ass up and put his forehead on the floor where it belonged. My heels clicked as I slowly walked around him and inspected him like a dog at the Westminster, my riding crop dragging along his back and legs. I whacked him several times to keep him alert. I could see goose bumps rise when I ran my red polished nails along his skin, up and down lightly at first – almost a tickle – then increasing in pressure, leaving visible pink rake marks on his back and ass. I reveled in his embarrassment when I demanded to see if he followed my instructions about having a butt plug inserted before he arrived.

“Take your hands and spread your ass cheeks for me. I want to see.”

He hesitated, no doubt knowing he did not comply and would be severely punished for disobeying. I whacked him again with my crop, his body jumped, and then he spread his cheeks for me. The dungeon’s red lighting is very mysterious. It enhances the atmosphere but it does not make inspections easy. I walked over to my supply table and grabbed a small flashlight. I illuminated his asshole with the flashlight. He was embarrassed and humiliated at the same time. I began to lecture him for not listening, for not being a good submissive, and for deliberately disregarding my very clear instructions. I gave him at least 20 whacks with the riding crop while I spoke. He mumbled “Sorry Empress”. He tried to give me a lame excuse about not having time and he didn’t think I was serious…blah, blah, blah. That earned him a kick in the balls. Whoa! He was not expecting that! His body flinched and buckled to the floor and he let go of his ass cheeks and grabbed his balls. He was moaning.

“Get up and don’t give me any more excuses” I demanded. He complied and his boner was the perfect tell-tale that I didn’t kick him too hard. Yes, he really did want me to bust his balls. Many say they want it and can’t really take it. This one might be different.

Now Billy was standing completely naked and I clipped his wrist cuffs to chains hanging from the girders. His arms are wide, his head is down (as he was told) and his legs are only slightly apart. A spreader bar will have to be attached to his ankle cuffs to keep them uncomfortably wide if he doesn’t do as I command.

“Spread your legs very wide, but keep your balance.” He shimmied his feet out to the right and left, much wider but not wide enough. I took my crop and gave him several hard whacks to his inner thighs and he stretched his feet out wider to a very unpleasant distance. The spectacle of it pleased me. “Billy, you are so exposed, your testicles are just dangling there like Christmas ornaments.” I teased. I took a giant step back and faked a kick with a huge swing of my right foot. Billy immediately flinched. “HAHAHA, you should have seen your face!” I mocked and belittled him. But he is still hard and his eyes pleaded for me to make contact again. He is sticking his junk out toward me and mumbles a “please Empress, please kick me again.” A grown man, humiliated and begging – subject to my whims. I like that.

I laughed and mimicked him, repeating his words to me in a whiny voice. “Please, Empress, pleeaase!” In a stern voice I tell him that he cannot flinch when I do finally kick him – that he must take my punishment and not move. He promised to hold still.

He kept his promise. He did not move (very much) after my direct kick to his balls. He loved it! He craved it! Over and over again I kicked him with the top of my boot and my knee. It was exhausting. Billy made a hummppff sound after each one but was a good boy and thanked me properly between gasps. “Still hard. Hmm… I can really get in there if I’m bare foot.”

I unhooked Billy and ordered him to worship my boots. I relaxed on the sofa and Billy returned to his hands and knees. He licked my boots, sucked on the stiletto heels and kissed them as I commanded. Billy removed my boots and got to smell the insides. I let him caress my feet and legs. I enjoyed 10 minutes or so of Billy sucking my toes and I cautioned him not to ruin my nail polish with his teeth. He nodded and continued as instructed. In and out and between my toes, up and down the bottom of my foot-and then I let him freelance as he wanted. It was more of the same. Nothing different, so I had him open his mouth and I fucked his mouth with my entire foot. All of my toes at once. I slid it in and out slowly and then faster and faster. He was slobbering and drooling. I started laughing at his pathetic face. He was trying so hard to please. Ah poor Billy.

Now, I love to have my toes sucked. Somehow it gets me wet and horny, his attentions to my toes are transmitted and felt directly by my clit. Billy of course, would never be allowed to pleasure me THAT way but I’m positive he would if I instructed him. That complete control is what makes me so horny. Instead, I stood up and had him worship my legs and ass. He licked the sweat between my cheeks but was not allowed any deeper. He was behaving. It’s hard to punish someone who is being so obedient. I had to find him insolent somehow.

I was standing, but leaned forward with my hands on the arm of the sofa. Billy was on his knees with his face in my ass licking my thong inside my crack. I purposely pushed back into him so his tongue was very close to my pussy. He hesitated and then continued – thinking he had permission at this point. He did not.

“No!” I shout. “You are breaking the rules! That is cause for major punishment. Oh Billy, you were doing really well with your training but you took liberties you know you don’t have!”

I ordered Billy to spread eagle on the floor, but he’s smiling from ear to ear and hard as a rock. Now that I am barefoot, I have great traction on the laminate floor. I kick his balls with a little half kick – he did not flinch. I kick again but harder and with more follow-through. His balls slide up the side of his leg and he lets out an “Oommph!” I continued to place very accurate kicks harder and harder. Billy is grateful and thanks his Empress. I step back and pick up my flogger. It is heavy and thuds loudly. I flog his cock and balls. This is a different feeling for him and he flinches and moans. I start easy and let him get used to the sensation. I swing harder and harder, making accurate contact. I can see pink stripes forming on his groin and around his balls. I grab the chain from the ceiling for support and I step up on his cock. It’s fully hard and difficult to balance. I kick and squash him over and over. I squeeze his cock with my toes and nudge his balls up against his leg. Billy is breathing hard but thanking me every time and he is sweating and getting slippery. Gross.

I need a drink of water, so I leave him there on the floor – happy and staring at me with eyes full of worship. I walk over to my table, set down my flogger, and drink some bottled water. Billy thinks he deserves some water too and asks very nicely if he could have a sip of water “Please Empress?” Haha he’s so funny. I was going to give him some but because he asked like he was a guest instead of my subbie I will have to teach him another lesson.

A few hard kicks do it – while I explain to him that what he desires and wants is not important. He really is sweaty and out of breath. I want him to have some water but don’t want him to think it was his idea. I tell him to open his mouth. He does. I straddle his head and look down at his face, holding my bottle of water over his head. I see he is pathetic, with his mouth open like a baby bird. I dropped down and stopped just short of his mouth. My crotch is just an inch from his nose. He had said no watersports play in our negotiations prior to his session. I know he is freaking out. He shakes his head and closes his mouth. Clearly defiant. I reach over and punch his balls three times telling him to open his mouth. He does. I take a long gulp of water and lean over to his open mouth. The relief in his eyes is obvious and amuses me. I can see him anticipating the cool water in his mouth. Part of me wants to tease him more but I don’t. From my pursed lips I direct a thin stream of water into his open mouth. I hear it filling up and I pause so he can swallow. He thanks me and opens his mouth again. I deliver several mouthfuls and he is once again grateful for my generosity.

After our session, Billy volunteered that when he was 10 years old, he was in love with his big sister’s friend, Lori. She was tall, confident, and had developed budding breasts earlier than the other girls her age. He yearned for Lori’s attention and constantly teased her, pulled her long blond ponytail, flipped up her skirt and even squeezed her tits once. Over time she began retaliating by kicking him in the balls. Bingo! His fetish continued for decades. He lamented that as an adult, he knew better and did not sexually harass women, making it difficult to find a consensual woman to bust his balls. I told him I was happy to accommodate him and we set up another date to meet again.

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